Manufacturer Certified Made in USA

Made in the USA

At Alltham Luxe, our goal is to offer our customers a wide selection of products with American quality, safety, durability and design.  We therefore seek to limit our offering to products that meet the legal requirements for being labeled “Made in USA’; that is, the product is "all or virtually all" made in the United States. 


These legal requirements can be summarized as follows:

·      The product’s last “substantial transformation” occurred in the United States (A “substantial transformation” is a manufacturing or other process that results in a new and different article of commerce, having a new name, character and use that is different from that which existed prior to the processing);

·      The final assembly or processing of the product takes place in the United States; and

·      All significant parts and processing that go into the product are of U.S. origin and it contains, at most, only a negligible amount of foreign content. (“Parts” refers to all physical inputs into a product, including but not limited to subassemblies, components, parts, or materials.) 


Certification by Suppliers; Reporting Potentially Deceptive Claims

We seek to assure that each product appearing on our website meets these standards for U.S. content.  However, Allthamluxe.com cannot verify the U.S.-origin claims for each of the products appearing on our web site, and we must rely on manufacturers’ certifications in this regard.  We also have created a mechanism for consumers to report potentially deceptive claims, by contacting us at via email at [email protected]


Further Information

Further information regarding standards for claims of U.S. origin of products is available from the Federal Trade Commission, by visiting: