Fire Table Shopping Guide

 Where to source your fire table?

We’ve done the work for you here.  We chose Homecrest Casual Living for our fire table manufacturing partner because of their decades of commitment to quality innovation and comfort in outdoor furnishings, manufactured in their factory in Wadena, Minnesota.  Homecrest has embraced the trend toward fire tables, bringing their established manufacturing and design expertise to create quality fire table products. (We also offer several high-quality fire tables made by Windward Design Group of marine grade polymer on an aluminum frame.)


Shape, Size and Height Selection

You can choose among rectangular, square and round shapes for your fire table. All are suitable for conversation areas in coffee or chat height.  Round tables also come in dining and balcony heights.  

Our round tables are offered in diameters of 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” (or 54”, depending on the collection).  Square tables measure 42” on a side. Rectangular tables are sized at 32” by 52” or 36” by 60”.  Table heights include coffee (19”), chat (24.5”), dining (27.5”), and balcony (34.5”).

For an existing space, we recommend you mark dimensions of your proposed table with tape. For a newly furnished space, we recommend you do the same and/or prepare a design plan, by hand or using a software tool. 

The shape, size, and height you select will depend upon the space you are creating around your fire table, and whether it will emphasize dining or conversation.


When you have determined the size shape and height of your table, your next step is to choose a tabletop. Homecrest fire tables are available in eight distinctive collections, distinguished by their tabletops.

Metal Tabletops

The Breeze and Mode collections have an aluminum metal tabletop that comes in the same nine finishes that are available for Homecrest’s fire table bases.  You can mix or match the finishes of the top and the base. 


“Natural Series” Tabletops

The Natural Series tabletops are made using cutting-edge composite techniques, and include the Concrete, Sandstone, Slate, Timber, Shadow Rock, and Stonegate tabletops. 

The “Concrete” Tabletop is available in the Drift finish (see below).

The Sandstone, Slate, and Timber tabletops are available in the Dune, Sequoia, Drift and Char finishes:

The Shadow Rock and Stonegate tabletops are available in the Pebble, Boulder, and Midnight finishes:

Table Bases

Table Base Configurations

Table bases come in the “Aurora” design for rectangular tables, “Valero” for round tables 36” and larger, and “Nova” for round tables under 36”:

Table Base Colors

All table bases are available in nine finishes: Glacier, Umber, Sedona, Hickory, Onyx, Storm, Niko, Carbon, and Titan (the same as the metal tabletops):

“Aurora” round table bases 36” and larger offer a choice for the frame as well as the panels, for either a uniform or dual-tone look:

Fire Glass

For all fire tables, Homecrest offers fire glass in the following colors:

Style Selection

We suggest you peruse Homecrest’s fire table collections to become familiar with your choices of tabletops and finishes, to identify those that fit the “look” you are seeking for your outdoor space, including compatibility with the style of your existing or proposed seating set. 

We have provided a summary of the Homecrest fire table collections below for easy comparison.  Complete information on Homecrest’s fire table collections is available on the company’s website, at https://www.homecrest.com. If you find something there we’ve not offered on our site, we can arrange to order it for you at the best possible price. 

Execution – Work with us

We strive to make it easy for you to select your fire table product by tabletop composition, shape, size, height, and then, on the product page, to select your tabletop finish, frame finish, and fire glass color. 

We are always ready to receive your call to answer your questions and guide you through the process.  Regardless of your choice, we believe Homecrest’s quality, durability and design will assure your enjoyment of your fire table for many seasons to come!

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